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by - January 25, 2016

My first travel spot in Europe is Prague. After visited Prague, I pretty confident to say that Prague has a lovely ambience and left a mysterious feel on me. Take a glance from the top and you will have a panoramic view of the classic architecture building with orange roof. I'm bet this is an awesome view and really worth it when you walk to the hilltop.

If this is your first time to Prague, I will advise you to travel all the tourist hotspot. So, do I. But if you visit for the second time, I will advise you to travel like a local. And take a stroll along the Vltava River or picnic at the park, use your eye and heart to feel the surrounding. I'm sure that you'll fall in love with this place more deeply.

For the first time, I went to Prague and stay for 2night. The season when I visited Prague was spring but somehow I had experience a sudden snowing for 5 minutes during the tour in Prague Castle.

This is the place that I have been visited.

1. Old Town Square
--- where you can find the Old Town Hall Tower and Astronomical Clock
--Tyn Church
2. Lennon Wall
3. Wenceslas Square
4. Charles Bridge

5. Prague Castle 
↘↘ A Must-Visit Hotspot
↘↘ Need a whole day long to visit
↘↘ I'm so sad I do not visit the St. Vitus Cathedral time i'll come back for it 
↘↘ Link to Prague Castle
Beautiful view from the castle
The guard look damn serious 
The St Vitus Cathedral!!! 

6.The dancing house
7. Petrin Tower
↣↣ Prague have 2 tower - Petrin Tower and Zizkov Television Tower【The 2nd ugliest tower in the world】
↣↣  I choose petrin tower which located at the top of hill
↣↣  You may take funicular railway go up to the hill...But unfortunately, when I went there , the railway service has been closed for Easter celebration. So, I climb up to the hill. The experience not too.
I can take a stroll and exercise at the same time. haha
↣↣ It's a great veiw from Petrin Tower.
↣↣ You may choose either walk up using staircase(FOC) or using lift [60czk(~RM10) for adult 30 czk(~RM5) for children]
↣↣ For more info , click HERE

**I was so sad that I do not have ample of time to visit the St. Vitus Cathedral (it close at 5pm) and the Ice pub (until 9pm)Link to Ice Pub

I will come back again. Prague is in my bucket list !!!

>>>Apartment rent from Air BnB
>>> Can Occupied 8 people
>>> Rate : 4 Star
Address:Azure Apartment Vinohrady
               Korunní 1164/49 1, Prague, Hlavní město Praha
               12000, Czech Republic
Price: 111Euro (Approximately RM515 for whole apartment)
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**Flexible check in & out time 
The Kitchen
1. Kürtőskalács aka Chimney Cake 
--spit cake specific to Hungarian-speaking regions in Romania, more predominantly the Szekely land. 
--can easily found on the street of Czech Republic and Hungary
--it can be rolled with cinnamon sugar and put a spoon of Nutella on middle (luckily the cinnamon is not strong as i don't like the cinnamon taste) 

-- Rate: 3 star
Address:Náměstí Míru 9, 120 00 Prague-Praha 2, Czech Republic
>>>is a Belgian restaurant
>>> rate: 4 star
Seafood Spaghetti

Leffe Bruin 6.5

Address: Lázeňská 286/6, 118 00 Praha-Malá Strana, Czech Republic
>>>traditional prague cuisine
[Sorry that the picture is quite blurr]
Hot Wine
1. Swaroski Necklace 
2. Botanicus (near the Marionety)
   >>>skincare product
   ** quite nice for the facial soap (deadsea soap)  as it really clean the dirt on my face
  >>>link to BOTANICUS

3. Marionety
     >>>souvenir for children

Prague Photograpghy
The Easter Market

The railway area
The cute magnet
The hand-drawn postcard

Wish to know more about Europe country, check out my other post below! =)


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  1. wow, I love the architecture. And the food looked tempting.

    1. Faster a trip there! haha ..It's worth to go there as it is cheaper than other Europe Country.

  2. You really captured the essence of Prague in your photos. You make me want to go there right now!

    1. Thanks Emily ~ faster plan a trip and go there with your hubby ~ Prague is one of the hotspot for couple to honeymoon...

  3. Prague! A beautiful old city. Love your photos; make me want to go there right away. The Dancing House is very intriguing.

    1. Thanks ! The Dancing House is quite special architecture you may find in Prague~Faster grab flight ticket before the price increase in June~

  4. Seriously so envious of you! Prague looks amazing. Love all your photos and I definitely want to try their Kurtos!

    1. no need envy me ..Faster plan your travel trip now~ may try their Kurto with Nutella...Yummy~~

  5. I LOVE YOUR ARCHITECTURE CLOSE-UP PHOTOS <3 Hoping to see the Dancing House with my own eyes someday. Interesting oddly shaped architectures are my fave <3

    1. thanks..that is one of my favourite photo~ Faster plan a trip go there ...

  6. this is such a gorgeous post with amazing pictures of Prague, a country I have yet to go and would love to go but don't know when I can ever afford it...

    1. Prague is cheaper than other Europe country and the currency is lower than ringgit...So, plan a trip to Prague now...haha

  7. Everything look so pretty in your picture! Prague definitely a city of Beauty! I miss travelling now!

    1. haha..thanks because the place is stunning so i can take nice photo...Faster plan a trip now to cure your addiction..haha