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by - June 02, 2018

Recently I just went to a flower-themed cafe at Bukit Jalil City in Kuala Lumpur with Nicole. I'm glad to know this place as i can't visit the flower cafe in Johor Bahru. XDD.  It was a hidden cafe i found out in KL area. And good to know they selling no pork in the cafe. I can bring my muslim friends along to have feast at there. The cuisine that they mainly served is more to Japanese style.


1. Gyu Kimchi Salada 【Can choose either Chicken or Beef Option】RM22.80
Ingredients:Teriyaki Sauce/Sirloin Strip/Kimchi/Mixed Green/Cherry Tomato/Garlic/Sesame/Nori
Taste: ✱
Comment: This salad is kinda appetizing especially the kimchi as it has the sour taste increase the appetite. But kinda pricey for me. 
2. Tori Mentai Pizza RM20.80
Ingredients: Chicken Cube/Mentaiko/Teriyaki Sauce?Wasabi Mayo/Fried Garlic/Cherry Tomato/Spring Onion/Thin Crust Pizza Base
Comment: This pizza really met my taste. I highly recommended this to you guys. You will not feeling too full because its thin crust but will make you keep eating. 
3.Teba Karaage (Chicken Wings or Drummettes) RM15.80
**Mix Flavour add RM1
Sauce: Niniku Garlic or Korean Spicy
Comment: One of my favourite dish in this cafe. The chicken wings was totally absorbed the sauce. I can say it was worth the price XDD 
4.Okonomiyaki Omelette RM23.80
Ingredients:Egg Okonomiyaki style/bonito flakes/nori/chicken skewer/pumpkin korokke/shimeji/side salad
Comment: I think this must be eaten when it served hot. Because i'm busy taking photo and talking with my bestie. XDDD.. I love the omelette so much. 
5. Kichitori Rice Bowl RM18.80
Ingredients: Sliced Chicken/Onion/Broccoli/Carrot/Special Sweet Sauce/Onsen Egg/Spring Onion/Sesame/Shredded Rose/Rice
Comment: I might need some additional sauce for this dish. xDDD
6. Tilapia Teriyaki Pasta
Ingredients:Tilapia/Teriyaki sauce/Shimeji/Cream/Garlic/Cherry Tomato/Sprout/Spaghetti
Comment: If you looking for spaghetti, i will recommend this to you because this is quite yummy.  The tilapia fish was mixed well with the teriyaki sauce. 

7.Tokusei Curry Rice with Omu Egg (limited) RM18.80
Ingredients: Creamy Japanese Curry/Broccolli/Carrot/Spring/Onion/Rice
Comment: I like this curry rice so much. It also need to eat when it hot-served.
9. The Signature - Popukkon Latte
If you love popcorn and caramel, you have to try this. 
10. Miss Pink 
This is the famous strawberry milk drink in Korea. Must try!
11. Rose Tiramisu Latte
Latte drink with the rose smell and petals as well.
Sour taste of lime with the combination of marshmallow was so good.
For strawberry lover
They also sell cake too. Too bad i'm too full. Their Cheesecake and Oreo Cheesecake looks so tempting!!
Without a doubt, nowadays people come to such beautiful themed cafe, they will take the chance to snap photos as they can and posted at their social media to "Show off". This cafe has a lot of nice corner to take photos. So worth to pay a visit.

More information:
Address: H-1, 03, Persiaran Jalil 1, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 11.00am-9.30pm (Closed on Tuesday)  

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