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by - December 13, 2018

Recently I went to cafe hoping in Penang and meets some new friends. Nowadays, cafes in Penang was spring up like mushrooms. And I went to one of the famous cafe - Lavish Bakery which famous with its fluffy FUWA-FUWA souffle pancakes.

And i have tried some dishes and their new launched Moodmojee drinks ! Moodmojee?! Sound quite interesting. We always choose what we love to eat or drink based on our mood that day. If you are a person who love try some different combination, then you have to check this out. Those drinks are available in both Lavish Bakery and Hive By Love A Loaf.

For your information, Lavish Bakery is serving pork while Hive By Love A Loaf serving pork free food. 

>>>The drinks<<<
1. Kaya-Nika Fusion
Layer of sweet and creamy with traditional 'kaya' ,  'gula melaka', 'pulut' and 'red beans'.
This is an alternative version of Cendol plus kaya ! If you love cendol, this could be your choice.Kinda sweet taste to me. 

2. Lemon Mint Meringue
Rich Lemon Mint vanilla ice blended, topped with fresh meringue and slices of candied lemon and orange, is both a feast to the eyes and to the mouth. If you are a person who not a sweeth tooth, you may try this.  

3.Yuzu Chocolate Surprise
A mixture of of iced chocolate with Yuzu puree and rimmed with salt lemon cooling candy. 
Pairing of rich and sweet chocolate and citusy yuzu are quite special . The outcome not bad. Sweet and sour taste when drinking kinda interesting!

After that , we went to Hive By A loaf-another cozy cafe at Bayan Lepas! Really a foodie trip i have! I was served with some signature dish, dessert and drinks too. Again, the drinks i have at Hive is the same as Lavish Bakery.

I would recommend some of food i had there! 
Seafood Pot in Misobroth
 I love seafood a lot and this japanese seafood bowl have prawn, lala, mussel , squid mixed with the french baguette. Like the combination of miso broth with seafood!

                                                                  Smoke Duck Pomodoro
I love the the smoked duck and this dish could be kids favourite because the spaghetti is cook with the tomato sauce. 
Seafood Aglio Olio
The black bean noodle with seafood cook with a special spicy sauce. This is what i would recommend. I keep eating non-stop. LOL
My favourite dessert >> Chocolate Waffle and Matcha Waffle
**Drumsroll** This is the my favourite cake of the day !!! Watermelon cake 
Not too sweet and crunchy taste! Watermelon and berries on the top. Healthy cake ever ! 

Lastly, i have a great promotion to share with you guys! When you order one of the Moodmojee Drinks , you may stand a chance to get the exclusive gift now ! Promotion is valid until 19th of January 2019.

For more information, check out 
Lavish Fusion Bakery
Address:214,Lebuh Victoria, Georgetown,10300 Georgetown, Penang

Hive by Love A Loaf
Address:5-G-36, The Promenade, Persiaran Mahsuri, Bayan Baru,11950 Penang, Malaysia

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