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[Food Review] Ocean Seafood Restaurant | Bandar Puteri, Puchong

There has been a long time I do not talk about food! This time I would like share about a seafood restaurant where their main dishes wa...

There has been a long time I do not talk about food! This time I would like share about a seafood restaurant where their main dishes was about crab! Seafood is my all-time favourite and I’m gonna share different flavour of crab I have. 

1.Spicy Buttermilk Crab (L)香辣奶皇蟹 RM55  
I like the gravy of this signature dish !! It will make me want to add more rice.
2. Salted Egg Buttermilk Crab (L) 鹹濕蟹 RM55 
If you are a fans of salted egg, you must try this !! Their 2nd signature dish.
3.XO Seafood Hotpot XO 海鮮粉煲 RM19.90 
This is their signature flavour !! It's best served with rice and bread!
4.Curry Crab (L)咖喱蟹 RM55
It's best served with rice and bread with the gravy!
5. Superior Crab Soup 上湯蟹  RM55 
The soup has absorbed the essence of the crab and it tastes good.
6.Steam Crab (L) 蒸蟹 RM55 
If you prefer to have a delicate taste, you have to choose this.
7.Steam with Egg White (L) 蛋白蒸蟹 RM55 
you can have smoother taste crab meat with this flavour
8. Indonesian Style Fried Prawn 印尼蝦煲 RM15
9. Braised Sea Cucumber & Fish 冬菇海參魚剽 RM25
10.Yam Basket with Chicken Wing 佛鉢雞翅 RM28
11. Spinach with Superior Soup 上湯莧菜 RM12 
12.Signature Fried Chicken 茶葉燒雞 (半隻)RM30
13.Sizzling Tofu 鐵板豆腐 RM15 
14. Kailan Mixed Vege 鴛鴦芥蘭 RM15
15.Roasted Duck 燒鴨 (半隻) RM30 
16. Scallop with Cheese Sauce 芝士干貝 RM15 

Overall Recommendation: You have to try their signature crab dish with their breadTheir price is quite affordable and now have the promotion for the crab feast! Special promotion for the birthday babies too!

Promotion 1 ::
Mud Crab with Roe
M size 3 for RM65, 6 for RM120
L size 2 for RM55, 4 for RM100 

Promotion 2 ::
FREE 2 pcs of crab on the birthday!
- Spend RM100 & above (not inclusive promotion item)
- Only for actual day & must show IC.
- Only can redeem one set per person.

Set Lunch :
From Mon - Fri , 1130-1500
Price Range:RM8.90 & RM9.90

FREE Drinks & Soups

More Information:
Address : 21,Jalan Puteri 2/3 Bandar Puteri,47100 Puchong,Selangor
Contact : 010-2210 188 / 016-245 1369


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  1. So many types of crab dishes! I wasn't craving for it but now I am =(

  2. I don't see other things...The Crabsss!!! mouth watering.

  3. OMG those crabs are very delicious! And seems likes crabs are always in Malaysian table, right? That's awesome!

  4. I feel like tasting the Egg buttermilk crab and Braised sea cucumber and fish right now.

  5. I can't eat crab. What a pity. There are so many choices of flavours here and they look super yummy!

  6. the crab look so tempting and juicy. Make my saliva drop.

  7. So many delicious seafood here. Will bring my children to try it out.

  8. wa the crabs look so yummy! Time for my family to have dinner there

  9. I am so hungry looking at your pictures! They look so yummy and prices are affordable

  10. OMG! I want to eat all these crabs! Look so yummy =3

  11. OMG look at that crab roe makes me crave crave crave for crab now.

  12. Oh wow... lots of seafood, my favourite leh :)