5 REASON TO CHOOSE Jonlivia as Your Perfect Sweat Companion

by - March 08, 2017

Hey girls! Since Chinese new year until now, i have not get back to my fitness track! Luckily I got Jonlivia S+ which can help me burn fat.  Do you know about Jonlivia? Jonlivia is in fashion business that aims to make our body looks good and let you more stylish.  They have their own tagline which is Style, Performance & You!

Their products can be worn throughout the day while at home, work, school, or anywhere you may go. It's for exercise, for normal daily routines, or for any physical activities.

Now i'm wearing the Batch 9 Jonlivia Hotpants S+ They are evolving since the first generation and always doing the best to satisfy their customer.Jonlivia was made by 100% genuine neoprene.


1. The first zipped pocket of hotpants
Sometimes when we running, we always frustrated about keeping our personal items. Now they have created a zipped pocket and make us easy to keep our things safely. This is one of the key features that i search for a perfect hotpants.

2. The quality of the hotpants 
Jonlivia hotpants have stronger waistband, stronger side stiches and wide back stiches. Furthermore, they are made up of breathable air fabric whereby can reduce the bacterial growth.This hotpants was slim and perfectly fit to body shape. There was an extra layer of strap on hips (deepest squat approved). 

3. The performance of hotpants
It can make you sweat three to four time more. The hotpants is highly flexible and extremely stretchable. It also fit the body shape of the user. This hotpants not only help on more sweating but also discharge toxic and waste by the body after massive sweating.

4. It can be stylish hotpants
You can match it with your work attire or casual attire. It can make your body shape looks more outstanding. Look at the picture below! Did you see I'm wearing the hotpants? My long culottes have covered the hotpants. I can shop as well as exercise at the same time as the saying goes a stone's can kill two birds.
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5. The price of the hotpants 
The price is affordable with the quality they have. A lot of feature of the pants really worth to try. They are using 100% neoprene which can help you burn more fat. They have super absorbent and the 1st only airy fabric built-in in Malaysia whereby can reduce bacterial growth. So no worry if you didn't wash for some day. It also consists of flatlock seams which can ensure the extra durability. With the softest and most stretchable hotpants, you can do anything without restriction. 

REVIEW: I like this pants as it can be worn anytime and anywhere besides exercise time.  The Zip Pocket is one of the reasons that make me buy it because I keep my personal stuff safely. my leg keeps sweating although I'm not doing exercise. I like the stretchable material of this pants. I wear this pants while I'm travelling. The process of burning fat faster as travel involves a lot of physical activities.

So, grab one and get your body fit! 

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