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Asakusa is a district in Taito, Tokyo. I have read an article written about Asakusa whereby previously was the largest district with gangster, geisha, beggars, artist and so on. Now has changed into an old neighbourhood. I like the building structure around the Sensoji Temple as it was like brought you back to 1950’s.


Transport 交通: Tokyo Metro東京メト[Akasakamitsuke 赤坂見附 → Asakusa 淺草] ; [Akasakamitsuke 赤坂見附 → Shibuya 

-The interesting place you have to see at Asakusa & Shibuya
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Asakusa Kannon Temple AKA Sensoji Temple 淺草寺
×The oldest temple in Tokyo since 645
Let you understand the sequence
→ Kaminarimon “The Thunder Gate”  雷門 “風雷神門”
[The position of large red paper lantern]

The making of Ningyoyaki, Japanese Snack Cakes

→ Nakamise-dori Street仲见世商店街 [The shopping street] 
→ Hozomon 寶藏門 [The Second Gate]

→ Main Hall 本堂 [The prayer area ]
→Five-stories Pagoda 五重塔 [Relics of the Buddha (busshari) are kept on the top floor]

The manner in Sensoji Temple:
ü Clean your hands and mouth at the purification fountain near the temple entrance.
Photo credit: Sudarsan's Photo Journey 
ü Center stage in the temple forecourt is an incense burner. You will see people fanning smoke from the burning incense over themselves whereby the incense believed to have healing powers! 
ü At the offering hall, throw a coin into the offering box, bow deeply twice, clap your hands twice, bow deeply once more and pray for a few seconds! (how to pray)
ü Around 100 yen will buy you an omikuji 靈籤 (fortune written on a small piece of paper). If your fortune is bad, tie the paper onto a nearby string so that the wind can disperse the bad luck.

These are some of the Japanese manners I had learned which is different with Chinese religion.  Is quite interesting to know their culture.


If you wish to have a better view of Tokyo, you may head to the 8th floor of open verandah at Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Centre! And it's free !!
I had bought the Matcha ice-cream  抹茶アイスクリーム  nearby the  temple. The taste was absolutely superb as the matcha was so rich. Recommend you to try this when you are at Sensoji Temple. 
While there was a Japanese original pastry shop sold Jumbo Melon Pan which was first baked 15 years ago. And have their first store in Asakusa. It's first distinctive feature is the size larger than average melon bread.

Then, I went to get my pocket wifi near the Sensoji temple. If you wish a lower rate pocket wifi, I will recommend you to try iVideo Pocket Wifi. The price can be as low as RM9/day. Details: iVideo Pocket Wifi 
You can see the Tokyo Skytree from the Nakamise Street

 Japan student tour 超萌的日本小學生
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On the way going, I had passed by the Orange Street and taking some pictures. 

I bought a famous fried meatball from 浅草メンチAsakusa Menchi is a popular fried meatball shop on Denboin-Dori Street in Asakusa. I saw a lot of people queuing up for the fried meatball. Best eating time while it is hot-served! Recommend to try this when you are there. 
Besides, I also try their famous Japanese Taiyaki at Asakusa area. 

Shin-Nakimise Shopping Street has a lot of shops that sold food, grocery, clothes and so on. There was a 100¥ shop where you buy a lot of cheap stuff there. I have bought instant noodle, snacks and seaweed. 
Spotted an owl outside a shop along the street.

After getting my pocket wifi, we went for lunch at Ichiran Ramen just right in front of Asakusa Station[Tobu Skytree Line]. Ichiran Ramen 一蘭拉麵 has provided me with an unusual ramen experience whereby the interior layout is designed like single compartment to block out all the distraction, something you can see in the library so you can concentrate on the flavour of the ramen. The one I have is Tonkatsu Ramen. 

You can buy the tickets at the vending machine near the entrance and pass the tickets to the waiter. Then, you can either choose open space or the single seating(quiet area) to enjoy your ramen. 
For me, I choose the single seating so I can concentrate on eating the ramen.  
You will be given a checklist where you can decide the flavour strength, richness, original red sauce quantity, noodle texture, sliced pork and etc. 
My parents and uncle feel satisfied with ramen.  
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After that, we take a stroll to Azumabashi bridge (red bridge). If you have spare time, you take the sightseeing cruise along the Sumida river. From the Azumabashi bridge, you may see the Tokyo Skytree and the Asahi headquarters clearly.  The Asahi building really attracted me as I puzzled about the golden flame-like object. You will have the same mind with when you looking at that thing. 

Let me tell you what is that.  The Asahi headquarters has 2 main buildings. The higher building has resembled a giant beer jug with the roof top foam. While the lower building was the Asahi Super Dry Hall. Its structure resembled the black beer glass with an enormous golden flame object on top of it. The golden flame object was known as "Flamme d'Or" means flame of gold! This is the landmark of Asahi.

We didn't manage to pay a visit at Tokyo Skytree as the weather was too cloudy. What a sad moment. I'll be back one day.  
Next, I have met my hometown friend at Shibuya 渋谷区. I was stunned when I saw the Shibuya Crossing. It was as packed as sardines. 
The loyal dog (Hachiko) statue was located at Hachiko Square nearby Shibuya Crossing. If you have heard about the story, then you must pay a visit to this place. Then, I went for Shibuya 109 to shop while waiting for my friend.  
She is a Japan-based blogger now! =) 

A little red light district

So sad that I can't fully explore Shibuya. Maybe this a chance for me to visit Tokyo again. Haha XD 


1. SA WA WA. 茶和々Japanese Matcha Sweets
Address: 東京都台東區淺草2丁目2番10號
Price: 400 ‎¥
2.花月堂メロンパン Jumbo Melon Pan
Address: Alley street behind Nakamise Street
Price: 200¥/pcs 500¥/3pcs
3.浅草メンチAsakusa Menchi
Address: Japan, 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taito, 浅草2丁目3−3
4.櫻家 浅草店 - 浅草/たい焼き・大判焼き Taiyaki
Price: 240¥/pcs
Website:Sakura Taiyaki
5.Ichiran Ramen Akasuka Store 
Address: Japan, 〒111-0032 Tokyo, 台東区Asakusa, 1−1−16 HK浅草ビル

To see my summary itinerary, check out HERE

Stay tuned for my next post ;)


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