The 1st POKEMON CAFE@ Aeon Midvalley | by Anista Tokyo

by - November 23, 2016

Calling all Pokemon Catcher Or trainer !!  Malaysia’s first ever pop-up character café has just come from JAPAN in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Not only the menu but also interior and original goods will be conceptualized and inspired by Pokemon Character and stories! This coming 23th November , the Alpacasso café is gonna replaced by the current hit character Pokemon !! Sayonara Alpacasso and Say hi to Pikachu !! Pikachu will be featured as the main character of the cafe. 

Photo booth will be installed in the cafe!! Remember to take some photos as memories ! They will be having a series of Pokemon themed cuisine , so let me reveal some of them !!

Sneak Preview!!!

1. Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette (RM29.90)
Ingredient: Tumeric Rice, Curry Sauce,Volcanic Potato

Review: The portion quite big , you can share with your friends! I like this fried volcanic potato so much.


2. "Battle on Pikachu" Level Up with Rare Candy [Chicken/Beef] (RM34.90)
Ingredient: Patty: chicken/beef, Crepe, Bolognese Spaghetti , brown sauce

Can you see the candy? As a Pokémon gamer, you will know when you level up, you need a rare candy. That is it ! While the Pokémon ball is made up of cube egg & chocolate!  


3. Pokémon café fried potato (RM29.90)
Ingredient : Fish Cake , Wedges, Mayonnaise & Chilli sauce

There is a mission for you ! Find Pikachu !!


4. Pokeball Cream Puff (RM34.90)
Ingredients: Grapes, strawberry, cotton candy and chocolate
You are allowed to DIY the crepe with the chocolate sauce!!


5. "Volt Tackle" Soda (RM 18.90)
Ingredients: soda, mango

You will be given popping candy to put into the drinks! When you put in your mouth, there will be a crackling sound! Sounds cool right?!


This is the Menu !! Check it out !

***Pokemon cafe original goods have been produced specially for the cafe. The merchandise will be sold exclusively at the cafe in Malaysia alongside other Pokemon products. 

Pikachu Mascot Wallkabout!! Grab a chance to meet the Pikachu Mascot for photo opportunity. (To be update at official FB page)

For more information, check out their :
: Aeon 1F , besides Kids & Toys Department @North Court, Midvalley Megamall
: Sunday-Thursday 10.00-22.00
        Friday-Saturday 10.00-23.00


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  1. Wanted to try this but I don't think I would go and eat them - specially Pikachu.
    They looks so adorable and delicious same time!

  2. Wahhh so creative! Im gonna try this later :D

  3. wow looks so cute. wanna try their menu soon.

  4. Quite pricey, especially the soda but I would definitely go because it us one of a kind restaurant. Not a great fan of Pokemon per se, but going for the experience.

  5. Okay... I'm so gonna pay a visit here. Too cute and really looks yummy to have a date with them too <3<3<3

  6. nice... nice... i want to go back for more....

  7. Oh my! Everything looks so cute! Would love to visit with my kids.

  8. Looks delicious! I can't wait to give it a try!

  9. Wow how I wish we have Pokemon Cafe! This will be so fun to eat and hangout. Lovely review dear!

  10. The food are Instagram-worthy! This cafe owner is very smart, riding on the current trend to get Pokemon fans to come.

  11. too cute to be true. must visit with my friend who is a pikachu fan, and happen to work in mid valley as well.

  12. So tempting! I wonder they taste as good as they look though

  13. Too cute that I may not eat. Nice post.