Happy Malaysia Day [Video Link]

by - September 16, 2016

Hey, Guys ! Today is Malaysia Day !! What are you doing now ? Come and take a look at this video ! I have made a small appearance in the video ! I'm glad to be a part of a video ! Did you see me??!! How would you think the final video?

I’m here wished my dearest country 

want to see back my full video ? click here !
在美丽的国度 (in the beautiful country)                                                                                             与你和睦相处 (I live peacefully with you)                                                                                       Let's holding hand together                                                                                                           This world can be united One heart sehati 代表团结的意义 (means unity)                                   One soul sejiwa 付出真心我们就会开心 (sincerity will make us happy)                             Senyumanmu Buat aku Merasa bahagia....                                                                                 Omg!! Can I collaborate with @faizal_tahir ??i love his song "mahakarya cinta" in Malaysian idol!! In conjunction with Malaysia Day , @tenaga_nasional has a song collaboration with him, @jaclyn_victor & @elizabethtsm .Now they want all of you to be part of the song !! So,Just upload a video in your Instagram before 9th of September ! And don't forget #bersatuTENAGA If you are the lucky one,you will see yourself in the music video! I have try my best to write a verse and prechorus in 3 main language! So,how was it?? Enjoy 😁😁

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  1. Happy belated Malaysia Day to you. The video is so fun and the music up beat. You're really brave to make an appearance in the video! Congrats.

  2. The song is lovely and it is certainly very lively :) Perfect for Malaysia Day dear.

  3. How awesome it was to give you all a chance to make an appearance in the video... happy for you...

  4. nice video. Congratulations to you oh

  5. What a lovely Malaysian spirit! Malaysia Boleh!

  6. Heehehe, you guys are brave enough to 'show face', I can't do that at all!

  7. Hey, you are inside the video, so cool leh :)

  8. Now you're a famous singer too!! Hahaha... The video is really good :)

  9. sweet! when i grow up, i want to be just like you

  10. You are a part of the video? I love this video! May Malaysians always be peaceful and together!