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by - September 15, 2016

Hey, Girls ! I want to tell you my experience with Pink Passion Salon ! I have sunburn during the Vietnam trip ! My skin was terribly dry and fortunately, I went to Pink Passion for a moisturizing treatment which named Aesthetic Cooler. After treatment, my skin looks better and hydrated. 

When I entered the salon, I was friendly welcomed by the staff and I was served with a welcomed drink. The ambiance of the salon kinda relax. All of the interior decoration was in pink colour which was like the name of their saloon. I was brought into a personal room for treatment.
Before doing the treatment, the beautician helped me cleaned my face in order to remove all the dirt and makeup.  I seem very relax with the face massage and the calm music that they had played. I'm nearly falling asleep.  
Next , she started the apply the aloe vera gel on my face and using the ice cooler to massage my face for about 30 minutes. I did really enjoy the process of using the ice cooler.  It gave an instant relieve to my dry face. 
At the end of the treatment, I  was given a moisturising mask for deep hydration. I can feel my face get firmer and  moisturise instantly. 

                Before Treatment                                                          After  Treatment

What is Aesthetic Cooler ??! 

>> Effective Soothing & Calming Effect  
>> Handy & Convenient  (Can replace conventional Ice Pack)
>> Can be used for Various Aesthetic Procedure
>> Lasting Chilling Effect (Can Last Approximately 45 minutes)

--- Use after Tappy/MTS/Laser/Injection for soothing
--- Use after skin extraction/ peeling to promote comfort
--- Use after surgery to reduce swelling 
--- Use it to prepare the skin before makeup
--- Use it to reduce discomfort resulted from skin sensitivity
--- Use it for tired eyes
--- Use it for pore tightening 

REVIEW: It did some effects on my face and i really enjoy the process of  using the ice cooler. I will recommend you to do this if you have done any activities above.

More info & booking appointment,
Address:Pink Passion The Signature Salon,37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3c, Sunway Mas Commercial Center, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours:Tues-Sat: 11:00 - 19:00 ; Sun: 11:00 - 18:00
Contact: 03-78057285
Email: pinkpassionmarketing@gmail.com

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