Pop-Out Review | SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask 熊猫动物面膜 [MyTravel Needs]

by - February 05, 2016

Firstly, thanks Althea Korea give me a lucky chance to be a PANDA althea member !! 고맙습니다 xoxo ..haha..

I have received an SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask. This mask is different with the normal mask.It is a Panda mask!  It is super cute and I can't resist to put it on..This is my first time use this kind of mask.


Info about SNP mask
Brand: SNP
Origin: Korea
Major Ingredient: Coconut water, Pomegranate extract, Chestnut skin extract, Japanese knotweed extract, Trehalose, Lotus extract, Hyaluronic acid, Baobab seed extract
Type: Animal style mask (Panda, Tiger, Dragon & Otter)
Panda  >>> Whitening
Tiger  >>> Reduce Wrinkle
Dragon >>> Soothing
Otter  >>> Aqua/Moisturizing

After-use review:

After using this mask, I feel moisture on my face. The extra essence I wipe it on my neck and chest area.I feel that my face more radiant because of the whitening ampoule effect. At first, I feel that this panda mask is very weird, but feel very cute and funny when put on it. Haha..I really need some boost of hydration and treatment. Mask is my essential skincare product to hydrate my skin especially when I travelling and after working. I’m prepared to purchase it. Wait for Althea Korea to launch this mask. 

                                    Before put on mask, wash my face with lukewarm water
put on the mask for 10-15minutes (arrghh! Panda here~)
After using it, I can feel the moisture on my face~

Word by Shinmay

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