伦敦 London -My Childhood Dreamplace

by - July 18, 2015

THERE is always my dream to go LONDON. And I never thought that I can go to this beautiful place. OMG!!!Is London, Is it I'm dreaming (*pinch my face)??  Oh yeah!! This time was not a dream, is REAL....YES!! YES!!London Bus? London Bridge (actually is Tower Bridge)? The Red Telephone booth? The London Eye?? I'm going to watch all this things!! Can't believe ~

I went there by Ryan Air (Everyone can fly in Europe) from Warsaw Modlin to London Stansted. It was cost about RM193. When I reached the airport, I took the shuttle bus from airport to Victoria Bus Station.  I forget how much the bus fees. FYI, you can buy the bus ticket on the plane. They accepted euro or pound. 

Then, I went to buy Oyster card for the Underground (the metro) at the Victoria Station. It was cost around 12 pound (~RM60) and it can be refund 5.50 pound (~RM27.50). It was very easy and cheap as the single ticket fare was calculated how many stop you travelled. It’s more expensive for single ticket and not worth it. Oyster card can bring you go anywhere. 

After that, I went to the hostel for putting our luggage. I had chosen Meininger London Hyde Park. I stayed in the 12 bed room for 1 night. I had shared the bathroom with other people. The hostel was quite clean and just a stone thrown away from the Hyde Park and the Natural history museum. And the receptionist was friendly to people.

First destination was the Bristish Meseum. It did not need entrance fee (FOC). It was founded in 1753, the British Museum’s remarkable collection spans over two million years of human history. Enjoy a unique comparison of the treasures of world cultures under one roof, centred on the magnificent Great Court. World-famous objects such as the Rosetta stone, Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies are visited by up to six million visitors per year. In addition to the vast permanent collection, the museum’s special exhibitions, displays and events are all designed to advance understanding of the collection and cultures they represent.

P.S: It really a big museum and it’s impossible to visit in one day. For people who interested about history, you may spend more time in it since it is FOC. 

Next, I went to the Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square was the home to Nelson's Column, iconic stone lions, the famous Fourth Plinth and a lot of pigeons. Beside the square, it was the National Gallery. 

After that, I went to Chinatown for dinner. I see a lot of Asian food there. Hong Kong, Sichuan, Malaysian food, etc...And I never think Penang food also can found at there. I pretty sure that many Penang people went to London for work and study purpose. I feel kind of homesick when seeing those shop...arghhh...I hope I can come back to this little town!!! 

Maybe I work or study there??!! Earn some Pound $$$...muahahaha!!!

Last but not least, I went to the Tower Bridge. It is pink in colour!!! (But photo showed purple). It's because of the new born Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Congratulation to the Prince William and Kate!!! Prince George has a sister!!! haha... I happy and so lucky can share this happiness with them.

On the next day, I went to the Hyde Park. Fortunately, there was a cannon ceremony. I was thinking oh my god and how lucky am I!! The shots had been fired for the celebration birth of the princess baby. Soldier form The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery were sounded 41 shots in the Hyde Park. It was an amazing view there and I had taken video of the shot. The parade was started from the Buckingham Palace. When I had reached, there was already crowded with people.  And I had the chance to watch the soldier parade at there. The soldier attire was cool and elegant as it represented The Royal family.

After that, I went to the Westminister Abbey and Big Ben. I like this architecture so much!! Just a stone's throw away from the Big Ben was the London Eye. This is the end of my one and the half day of London trip. I believe I will visit London again!!! 

Accomodation  住宿:
MEININGER Hotel London Hyde Park
65-67 Queen's Gate
Kensington, London SW7 5JS
United Kingdom
Price/ Night---£12.76 (12mixed Dorm)

Transport 交通: 

1. Underground 地铁

2. By Foot 

Food 食物

1. Homeslice Pizza (near Covent Garden)
13 Neal's Yard, London WC2H 9DP, United Kingdom
link: http://www.homeslicepizza.co.uk/drink

2.Four Season Restaurant (at Chinatown)
12 Gerrard St,London W1D 5PR,United Kingdom
*Roasted meat platter ..HongKong cuisine

3. Caffe In (near Shepherd market) 
3 Shepherd St,Mayfair, London W1J 7HL,United Kingdom
* Big Breakfast , English Breakfast tea

4.The Bunch of Grapes   (near Harrods)
207 Brompton Rd,Chelsea, London SW3 1LA,UK
* Fish N Chips (**You may try others shop) 10£
[The taste of Fish N Chips nothing special but must try it at LONDON as it was very famous]


Handsome Police

Shopping 购物 :
I only buy
1. Magnet
2.  Salt Pepper
3.  Twining Tea (at Tesco Express)

I have search Internet that there is a discount shop called PRIMARK . Next time, I will visit this outlet when I have enough time and money ~~haha

**Some attraction i haven't visit is the Platform 9 ¾ - King cross station and Paddington station~~ One more food to try is the Burger & Lobster !!

London~I'll be back !!!


Continue the journey ---From Poland to London

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  1. *Reading*
    *amazed by the pictures taken*
    *scrolling down some more*
    *seen the picture of the police man*
    *Read the caption 2x*
    I burst out laughing. Omg i didn't expect that coming.
    Your funny!

    1. *Ahaha
      *The policeman is really handsome ...
      *Thanks for compliment
      *Blogging need some humour

  2. Nice write up..
    Soon i will be in penang. I can be my guide..
    Maybe in london u be my guide.


    1. Hi , Asri! Thanks for the compliment ! Sure ...will let you know ^^

  3. london is one of my dream travel destination too!lucky for you that you got to go. wish it would be my turn soon.

  4. wow the pictures are awesome and beautiful

  5. *controls envy

    100% same reaction IF I ever get to London! But hostel stay worries me as I prefer privacy.

  6. Wow looks like u have enjoyed yourself ! Great photos !

  7. I can only dream of going to London. What a lucky lass you are! The weak Ringgit is not doing me any favours.

    1. haha~ya ..you can say so ~ I got the chance to intern at Europe..So I just take the opportunity to visit this beautiful and expensive place! hehe

  8. oh...your post made me miss UK so much. especially after watching me before you. i really love dipping chips in vinegar. hope can revisit soon.

    1. haha~i havent watched the movie yet ~ The scene taken there?

  9. I can see why you miss London so much, the view is amazing! Even you can bump some random and handsome policeman in street, haha!

    1. ya~ i damn missing this place~ Still have a lot places haven't go..haha

  10. london is on my list to visit place because i have family members there

    1. so nice ! then you can save the money for accommodation^^

  11. London is my dream place too...Hope to visit it real soon.

  12. the picture so nice.. i also wan to visit London!!!

  13. London and Paris are among the places that I want to visit soon.
    Hopefully by next year, I can visit the beautiful places.
    Your pictures are beautiful.

  14. you managed to do all the touristy things, looks amazing, seems like you had a great time visiting there

  15. tat is nice! i had book my air ticket and im going next yr apr :)

  16. Haven't been to London before, will bookmark this post for my travel reference :)

  17. London really is a nice place but too expensive the exchange rate. The name for the pass is so unique and I thought it relate to food. hehe

    1. yup~the exchange rate is very high~ That time i change for 100pounds need around RM560..huhu..so i go all the place which is free..haha

  18. Nice place. My dream place to go there. I want to ride the double decker bas...

  19. i wish to go to london too one day. the swan is real right? so beautiful...

    1. yup~ the swan is real!! you can honeymoon there ..haha

  20. I know the feeling of visiting dreamland... It is so exciting!

  21. Glad you enjoyed London which happens to be my birthplace - one of the best cities in the world!

  22. Thank you for sharing your trip. It seems a lot nicer in your picture then I had imagined it. I've always had the impression that London was a very crowded city and wouldn't have expected it to be that beautiful.