Taiwan Halal & Bubble Tea @ Taiwan Expo, SPICE Arena Penang

by - July 08, 2019

When talk about Taiwan , what would you think about ? I will think about bubble milktea as now is a current trend of boba drink. It's good news for muslim friends as they can enjoy this too as the boba drink is made up of Halal raw material. 

Last 2 days, i was invited to the Taiwan Expo at Penang's Setia SPICE Convention Centre. This time they are focus on the developing in its halal industry as there are plenty of business opportunities between Taiwanese Halal food products manufactures and the Malaysian businesses.The main exhibitors at the Halal pavilion include Shih Chen Foods,Yilan Anyong LOHAS,Fufann Enterprise, Kuojer Enterprise and Yung Soon Lih Food Machine. The companies will be showcasing their instant milk tea, premium fish essence,coconut paste,bubble tea raw ingredients, and multi functional bubble tea cooker respectively.
We are informed the local supermarket,MYDIN has sold out hundreds of Taiwan halal products in numerous fairs. It is a good news for those Muslim who love Taiwan products. Besides, we have watched the cooking demo by Chef Nurilkarim Razha. His Assam fish was cooked using all the Halal raw ingredients and we are invited to taste! Damn tasty when eating with the fish with the gravy together. (Anyong biotech)

Then we has visited the Halal & Bubble Tea Pavilion and had a try on bubble milktea which is freshly brewed by the Taiwanese representative. They are now open for wholesaling their bubble milk tea raw ingredients. If you plan to have an authentic bubble milktea business, you may approach them. (Kuo Jer Enterprise co ltd)
Apart from this, there are Taiwanese company that sell tea which is suit for office workers and people who like to high tea. XD
Fun facts: Taiwanese like to have tea time usually at 3.15pm and Shih Chen Food name the tea as San Dian Yi Ke (which means the tea time). 

Besides, I have visited the Taiwan Beauty Pavilion and all the products is Halal. And one of the brand was attracted me as the packaging looks aesthetic. It named Maskingdom. At first, i thought it was a foundation cushion but it was an organic cleansing flakes. It is an one-step water soluble cleanser that can completely remove makeup to leave the skin feeling clean, fresh and moist.

Bubble Tea Mask with different flavour
Their pavillion have an instagrammable corner and i got a chance to take photo at this pinky corner.

Lastly, i'm really happy to know about Taiwan food, technology, beauty and others during the expo visit. I wish i can travel to Taiwan soon to get closer with locals and know more the culture. 

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