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Hihi my travellover, I just come back from Korea just 1 month ago. Yea! is my second time went to Korea. And now I'm eager to share my ski experience in this post. This is my first-time experience ski with my BFF. Before trying this activity, I have dreamt about ski! The speed! The falling moment! Haha XD I'm have imagined I can't complete the slope and keep falling down as my balancing is really weak. But I'm a person who loves speed and challenge, so just bought the ticket with my friend tho'.

I had bought my ski package at Funtastic Korea Website(Currently is Indiway.com). This is my second time using their service as I was satisfied after booking using their website last year.  All the details are shown in the page. It really stated very clearly the term and condition with no hidden info and charges.
There are several ski resort in Korea. And the one I went is Daemyung Vivaldi Park. The ski park that was famous site for the foreigner. Next time i should visit other ski park and bring my ski skill to another level. 

In this package, it will be included a 
↘ Ski Clothes and Gear
↘ Lift Ticket (6.5 hours)
↘ Round-Trip Shuttle Bus
↘ Basic Lesson

Since we stay near to Hongik University Station Exit 6 and pick up area is at Exit 8, is kinda convenient for us. Before the day we ski, the ski team, JSKI has sent me several photos to remind me of how to go to the meet-up point. A kinda great reminder of the departure day. 

We meet at the Hongik University Station Exit 8 and the 2 hours plus shuttle bus. After reaching the destination, we met our ski instructor, Alex who pick up us for the basic lesson session. Alex is a friendly French instructor who can speak well in English.  Firstly, we went to pick up our ski clothes inside the ski world sports shop. The staff passed me the ski clothes and pants as well.

After changing our ski outfit, Alex took down our shoe size and writing down in an information sheet for us to pick up our gears(skis, ski pole and ski boots) at the ski rental counter. We head to locker section to put our personal belongings with two 500Won coins. 
After that, we went to the information counter to grab our lift ticket before entering the ski area.
Is time to learn ski!! Ermm..wait a moment !! 
OMG!! The ski park is damn big and crowded with people. The ski park was divided into several slopes from the easiest to the most difficult. It was so beautiful when take a glance from top area. 

The basic lesson is 6-7 people in a group and took for an hour. Firstly, Alex taught us the technique how to put on and take off the ski. Besides, i also learnt about how to slow down to a stop too. And lastly, we taught how to get up after falling from a snow ski which is the most difficult part. 
Then is our free time to ski! I choose the beginner slope because this is my first-time ski and wish to strengthen my ski skills before going another slope. I have taken the ski lift to go up to top of the slope. 

I try not to fall down as it was painful when falling down, My butt getting a bruise after practice falling down XD. I try to balance myself by moving myself forward instead of backward.  I quite satisfied with my first ski! I love the moment of speeding from the upper side to lower side. 
I managed to ski around 5-6 times as the people getting crowded later. Next time I want to learn how to ski in S shape and other technique as well. After ski, we change back to our clothes and grab some hot food. I have my favourite kimchi ramyeon. It really warms my body in this cold weather. I have ended my ski with a happy memory. 

My thoughts:
I would suggest you guys choose weekdays rather weekends as the ski park was crowded during the weekends. 
After taking the basic ski lesson, I feel addicted and wish to learn more ski technique in future. For people who love the extreme activity, I would recommend you to take the package of 2D1N and a private lesson with the ski instructor for 4 hours. I bet you can ski very well during the time. A great service and arrangement from Funtastic Korea again. I really have a great ski time and wish to learn more ski!

Daemyung Resort Vivaldi Park

Lastly, enjoy my ski video of the day. 
Video Using Olympus Tough TG Tracker ~ Available in HD view

Photos were taken by Olympus OMD EM5 Mark ii with 7-14mm lens

For more information:
Website Link: Vivaldi Park One Day Ski
Official Website:  www.indiway.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indiwaytravel/

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