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Style your phone with Wakase "My Case , My WaKase"

Do heard WaKase brand ?  Let me tell you about this new Taiwan Brand !  WaKase is created by several industrial designers whom st...

Do heard WaKase brand

Let me tell you about this new Taiwan Brand ! 
WaKase is created by several industrial designers whom started working on the first-generation design of iPhone accessories since 2007 up to every generation of iPhone up-to-date. WaKase is discovered from the background and understanding of the functionality and style of Apple, pursuit of minimalism and aesthetics. Their designers are familiar with every corner of the iPhone, studying the positioning and feedback buttons, they aim to make use of the most suitable and most sophisticated iPhone case. 

WaKase products are manufactured by a group of experts dedicated to precise manufacturing of each product, each colour must meet requirements, they go through multiple tests of moulding and proportion of raw materials, products for crash tests, and extreme temperature testing, until the durability and texture are finally determined perfect for mass production; They are demanding for quality, only comparable to Apple. WaKase also transfers function and shape the concept of co-existence at the same time. They create this case by making 'people' as a starting point to develop best meet the needs of users design, superior material selection themselves freely, bloom delicate texture.

I have chosen the WaKase Voyage-London as I have fallen in love London after I have travelled there. So, I choose this case for making memories.  This case got two type of case which is either TPU or PU case. The surface of the case is using soft matte design printed fine texture. I chose the TPU case which was a translucent design. The case is durable and waterproof. Besides, the case is light and won’t make the phone heavier. Besides the London type, there still have a lot country to choose such as Paris, New York & Tokyo. 
Left-PU Right-TPU

Recently, WaKase is doing the collaboration with Vogue and launched the Vogue Series. I like the design of the case too. I think I need to save a lot of money to buy this. Let me show you the other series as well.

The Vogue Series
The Braids Series
The Pebbles Series
The Glitter Series
The Knit Series
The Nest Series

Price : $24.99

If you looking more design , you check out this Taiwan Website 


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  1. It's really pretty. Is it only available for iphones though?

    1. yup ~ Its only available for iPhone in this moment..

  2. it is nice one. ;) and the casing is beautiful

  3. Wow it's beautiful yet so durable !

  4. I am totally like the Braids series and Nest series..but why no do for other phone models.. T.T

  5. nice case. i love the braided one, seems quite special.

  6. Oh gosh. those phone cases are so pretty... I want one too.. but it is kinda hard finding nice phone covers for myself since I go for unpopular brands of smart phones.. LOL

  7. Love their packaging. My favourite would be The Pebbles Series. =D

  8. Awwww so adorable. Unfortunately I have outgrown the phase of changing phone case. I stick to one that's hardy enough when my toddler ever drops my phone, it doesn't shatter it. Haha.

  9. the case suits you well. will consider to buy them hehe

  10. The phone case look nice and attractive. I like it. too bad I just got mine when I at bangkok.

  11. mine one is VOGUE!!! I like their casing very very much!!!

  12. I like the design and the colour for the Glitter casing. Will get 1 for my phone soon.

  13. OMG The design is so pretty and colorful! Do they have for android phone as well TT

  14. ehh, i got it too, but haven't used it yet.. ><", nice writeup. will refer here.

  15. I too use Wakase and loving it...Sleek and stylish!

  16. I like the frosted london phone case, the colors are so vibrant.

  17. I never heard this brand before. Will find it online for sure!

  18. wow! very beautiful phone casing you have owned one! nice nice...will check out too :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing



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