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MAMMA MIA London Workshop First and Only in Malaysia 英国闻名的音乐剧《妈妈咪呀!》工作坊

我非常荣幸受邀出席 音乐剧《妈妈咪呀!》 大馬工作坊。這个工作坊是由 EMSA STUDIO   所举办的。我曾在小學参加合唱团更在大學参加了音子工作坊。虽然不會任何乐器,但我对音乐那莫名的喜愛,真的无法停止。呵呵 !  参加這工作坊不但譲我十份兴奋,而且嘉宾是来自...

我非常荣幸受邀出席音乐剧《妈妈咪呀!》大馬工作坊。這个工作坊是由EMSA STUDIO 所举办的。我曾在小學参加合唱团更在大學参加了音子工作坊。虽然不會任何乐器,但我对音乐那莫名的喜愛,真的无法停止。呵呵

参加這工作坊不但譲我十份兴奋,而且嘉宾是来自伦敦的Lucy Hewes.Lucy从五岁就开始弹钢琴,英国音乐學院一等荣誉毕业以及拥有多次经验在英国著名合唱团表演。当天我出席工作坊,遇见了本人,Lucy 是个开朗的女生,很享受她在指导我们唱歌,时不时會鼓励我们,譲我们没那么压力。哈哈!当时我负责和音的部分,原来一点都不容易,所以我觉得那些在歌手後面和音的,绝对是很强,高手一名.有学音乐的人应该知道吧?!为什么这么说,因为当我唱和音时後,很容易被主音拉去.不断地练习,最后譲我学到了。太高心了~在短短的一小时内,我们把整首《Take A Chance On Me给练完 [影片在後]

After the workshop, we are given the certificate!

想學唱歌或其他乐器的人,可以联络EMSA STUDIO 负责人Emily!

想學天王周杰伦的金曲吗[後附影片]赶快联络EMILY !凡报名任何乐器班,都會有二十令吉折扣哦千万别错过哦只要凭着这张宣传纸[后附],就可以获得优惠 ! 还等什么啊人生有几个十年啊,是时候做自己喜歡的事了哈哈

I was glad to be invited to MAMMA MIA musical workshop organised by EMSA STUDIO. I have been a soprano in a choir group during my primary school and a member of an acoustic workshop in my university. So, I feel very excited to know more musical song that I never been involved before. Lucy Hewes from London was the special guest for this workshop.

Background of Lucy Hewes
>> playing piano since the age of 5
>>First class honours in Piano Performance from the London College of Music
>> Experience –appear in the feature film of ‘Joseph’
                       --perform with the London Philharmonic Choir at Royal Albert Hall
                        [Siti Nurhaliza’s concert held at same place in 2005]
                       --playing keyboard for the UK Tour of Priscilla the Musical
>> currently playing keyboard in the hit West End Show Jersey Boys

She is a friendly and cheerful person. We are divided into groups which are soprano [高音], alto [低音] and Mezzo-soprano[中音].  I was chosen to sing in the Mezzo-soprano group. At first, I feel quite hard for the part I sing as I easily distract by the soprano which is singing the main vocals. Now I knew those people who sing the harmony part is so great!  We are learning about the Mamma Mia Song –《Take A Chance On Me》. Within 1 hour, we had learned for the whole song. During the time, Lucy will give us tips on how to sing our own part.  At the end, we all managed to sing well for our own part [Watch the video below]. I’ll really enjoy the moment singing with them.

Want to learn more musical songs or pop songs, you may take a visit the EMSA STUDIO. EMSA studio was founded by Emily and her sister. Her studio provides a lot of classes like guitar class, Drum percussion , violin , vocal , art classes and lots more. No matter you are young or old, you are welcome to register for the classes. Now they have promotion as you register for any class ,you can get RM20 off complimentary.

Emily, the principal’s  Background
>>Experienced teachers with degree, Diploma for more than 10years
>>Certificate from –Royal School of Music
                              --London School of Music
                            --Trinity College London
                            --University of Hertfordshire

For more details, visit their facebook @ EMSA STUDIO
Address: 41A, Jalan Restu 1, Taman Restu,43000 Kajang
Contact details: 016-2590902

Print out this flyer, you may get complimentary RM20 off for any course.


 Photo with Emily and her sister



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  1. Nice, I enjoyed music very much. Regret didn't learn to play piano last time...

    1. never late for now as long as you have the heart to play piano again..ahaha! :)

  2. I like the workshop very much, Ms. Lucy is friendly and outgoing person, she gives off a lot of positive vibes to us, encourage us in singing the right note for each respective part. Hopefully I can go to London to see musical theatre once in a life time😁😁🎶

    1. Lets go back London one day ! <3

  3. awww...u can sing!!! i wished i can too..

    1. ahaha...i'm not that professional and still need to time got any music event , we go and try together ;)



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