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Do your own design with ONLY 8 simple step

Are you frustrated thinking about how to prepare present for   special   one  ? Birthday? Graduation? Anniversary ? Corporate Event? ...

Are you frustrated thinking about how to prepare present for special one ?
Birthday? Graduation? Anniversary ? Corporate Event?

No worry !!!
Printcious will help you solve your problem by providing you awesome service which creates your own personal gift using their online website. 

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, has a special campaign regarding their Free Mug Campaign from 1st April till 31st of July (**not limited to Mothers' Day. Not only for this special day , Printcious also have 20% off for Labour Day (until 3th May) . With Printcious, you can DIY with your special and the only design for you loves one.

For me, I choose to design a T-shirt for my blog. Sounds Interesting??! As a blogger, sometimes I need to have some giveaways to my beloved reader. So, I have customized an official blog shirt for my own blog. I love the simple and minimal design. Therefore, I put my own slogan Travel Beyond Limitby travellover23. Is it a good idea ??!!

Let me tell the way to customized it …Is the same for other gifts like mug , mobile phone case and others. Printcious provide a wide range of choices from colour to type of shirt.

Step 1: Sign up as a member at
-using email/facebook
Step 2: choose your favourite type of shirt
Step 3: Customized your shirt (Its time to show your talent,haha)
-using text(with different font),image, and even barcode & QR code
Step 4: After done, add to cart
*If you have voucher code, you may apply it for discount
Step 5: Write out your details
1.      Shipping Address
2.     Billing Address
3.     Shipping method
** Courier & Self Collection @Printcious Office
Step 6: Payment method
**is either online banking or Bank in through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)
--You received a confirmation number after your payment --
Step 7: Review Order
For final confirmation
Step 8: Wait for delivery !! ;)

Still wait for what ??!! Lets create your own design ..
"Precious Gifts From Your Heart”


No. 30, First Floor, Jalan Tiara 4,Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang,Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Contact No



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  1. Heard a lot about printcious, but haven't try their service yet.

  2. Never try Printcious before as I always use Photobook if I want to DIY something as present! hehehe

  3. This is such a good idea, unfortunately my father never wears t-shirts.

  4. Heard about this few times, a good website for your to DIY =)

  5. Great, I can design my own shirt now.

  6. I liked this site a lot. Allows me to customize gifts for my loved ones.

  7. I like your printed mug. An amazing moment with your Mom.

  8. i already customized my bear bear t shirt for me and my bf!!

  9. This is so cute we have our own diy item from printcious =D Love their concept so much hehe!

  10. The design is good and i have customized my own T-shirt, Car cushion and mug. i love their service

  11. thank you for sharing this! I have yet explored all these yet... was too busy. anyway it's a good website for customisation :D

  12. This looks pretty cool. Something to consider for future merchandise!

  13. I already place my order. I'm ordering a mug for my son and currently waiting for the delivery :D

  14. I have seen a lot of gift ideas from them but not yet tried using for myself.

  15. yeah i love custom made tees like this too. so cute and personal :D

  16. so many bloggers are reviewing this. really good ma?

    1. is depend on personal needs..they have a lots of the choices for us to choose and we customized it ourselves..For me, it quite good and easy need to think what to buy~

  17. i love everything that can be done seamlessly online! no need to travel and get the things we want easily!

  18. I do not really into online purchase personally. But I can be the so call designer to present a gift to loved ones, would give a try then..

  19. you are absolutely right... we should make our own designs and give it as a gift to our loved ones... especially when you are good at it

  20. Yes I have order some stuff from them and its quite good.

  21. printcious and fun and easy to use to make nice gifts for my friends and loved ones.

  22. i made quite a few things with this site before too, it's easy and have good quality

  23. Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)



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